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Iowa Man Steals Biden Yard Sign, Then Stole Newspapers Reporting on the Theft


(BSDMS) – IOWA – If there weren’t any newspapers for people to read about the theft, did it even happen?

That was one Iowa man’s theory behind his thieving crime spree coverup that started when he allegedly ran off with a Biden campaign sign from someone’s front yard.

70-year-old Peter De Yager owns the Foreign Candy Company in Hull, Iowa, and frequently donates to the Republican party. De Yager has now been charged with trespassing and fifth-degree theft, according to Dickinson County News.

After De Yager stole the sign, he then stole about $20 worth of newspapers from a Spirit Lake Jiffy station that was reporting on the crime. Other gas stations reported similar incidents of their newspapers being stolen, but only one gas station decided to press charges.

“We went around to the various convenience stores, and some of them opted not to press charges if he agreed to come in and pay for the papers,” Spirit Lake Police Lieutenant Daren Diers said, the Dickinson County News reported.

De Yager was caught on security footage snagging a stack of newspapers laying on a counter while wearing a T-shirt tucked into his belt and denim shorts. Then De Yager folded them up and walked out of the gas station carrying the newspapers.

The general manager of Okoboji Kum & Go named Tracy Theye told the Dickinson County News that newspapers were also stolen from her business location and that she confronted De Yager when he came back to the store. De Yager denied the theft initially, but then made the claim that he just wanted the papers for the coupons.

Theye said that De Yager went back and paid for the 35 stolen newspapers eventually.

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