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(Video) Georgia Stop the Steal Rally Suppresses Own Republican Vote… But Wait! There’s More!


(BSDMS) – Hello. I am Kyle James Lee, the majority owner of Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash and this is my first in-person video on YouTube. I am registered as no-party preference, an Independent, but I’m also a leftist Progressive.

That video you just saw was Trump attorney Lin Wood speaking at a Stop the Steal rally in Georgia yesterday. Instead of telling the rally goers to vote for the Republican candidates in Georgia’s January 5th run-off Senate election, Wood and Trump attorney Sidney Powell told the crowd to not even vote in the election. They told the crowd that the Senate election will be rigged just like the 2020 presidential election. Now why would these people even want to vote at all after hearing that? They’re successfully suppressing their own party’s vote in the upcoming election.

Not too long ago, some Trump supporters in Georgia were convinced that they should write-in President Donald Trump in the Senate election, rather than vote for their own party’s candidates. It’s another thing that suppresses their own party’s vote.

There’s also the fact that Georgians who plan to vote for the Democrats are all fired up about this election and are ready to vote, when meanwhile Trump won’t even be on the ballot, which makes some Trump supporters less motivated and less likely to vote in the January 5th Senate election. That alone suppresses votes for Republicans.

Then there’s also that Trump himself has been on a non-stop tantrum plus a flurry of failed lawsuits that claim the 2020 presidential election was rigged and there’s widespread voter fraud, all with almost zero credible evidence to back up those claims. Trump’s election fraud accusations against anyone who tries to get in his way, even people from his own political party, have become dangerous with election officials and other related election employees in Georgia and other states receiving death threats targeting them. But some Trumpers in Georgia are still convinced of all the false claims Trump has been making. It’s likely that those people won’t vote in the Senate election either. If they’re convinced that the election is rigged and their vote doesn’t matter, why should they even bother to vote? This is yet again another form of suppressing their own Republican vote.

Some Trumpers in Georgia are even convinced that their own Republican Governor Brian Kemp is in on some wild massive voter fraud conspiracy and that he is plotting and scheming against Trump.

Kemp is the same guy who enforced an abortion ban in the state with strict guidelines for who qualifies to receive an abortion, and it is still in effect as of September 1st, 2020. Kemp is also the same guy who in July, sued Democratic Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and the Atlanta City Council over statements that Bottoms made which some Georgians may have interpreted as meaning that restaurants would have to be shut down. Kemp did however drop the lawsuit this past August. This is the same guy who enacted optional mask mandates at the local level with light guidelines and is far less restrictive.

This is nothing like what some of the more Democratic states have been doing. But somehow, Georgian Trumpers are still convinced that Republican Governor Brian Kemp is working against them.

Do these people realize that all of this will cost them the Senate? All of these things and more combined is what will likely cause Republicans to lose control of their power in the Senate and then the Democrats will be in control of the Senate, along with still holding onto the House, plus The White House.

I’ll leave you with this. In the near future, there very well may be a massive Republican uproar after a lot of these Trumpers discover that they were in fact the ones being lied to during the 2020 election, let alone Trump’s entire presidency. That Republicans in congress remained silent and didn’t stand up to any of it. This would lead to a mass Republican exodus with countless now former Trump supporters deciding to leave the Republican party and stand against it. If this happens, and I believe something like it will, it would mean that Republicans won’t stand a chance in the 2022 and 2024 elections. Although, some of these people would choose to join the Libertarian party that’d lead to a big uprising for that party rather than them joining the Greens or a lesser established party. Some would also become Democrats at the same time with the Democratic party still outweighing Libertarians, along with now overpowering the Republicans. Plus there are those who’d remain Independents but change their voting decisions come election time.

There will also most likely be a new Progressive type of political party that will change how Congress, and especially the Senate will operate. I won’t get into details about how the new party will work or reveal its name right now, to better safeguard the new Progressive party until the time comes for it to be revealed publicly.

It would be the end of the Republican party for generations and it’d be the party’s own fault and own undoing.

Kyle James Lee – BSDMS – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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